Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Twitter Tweeter!

I have finally joined the twitterverse! Yeah, yeah, I know I'm a little late, but it's better than never, right?

So now I get to have a cute little

Follow RachelMorgan13 on Twitter

on my sidebar just like everyone else :-)



Quinn said...

I just joined Twitter a few days ago. We're both newbies.

Jessica Bell said...

LOL. I don't think I will ever join twitter. I'm not sure I see the point of it!!!

Talei said...

Awesome! I shall go find you now. I'm under 'coco_dubai'. ;)

Ellie said...

I'm not on Twitter yet. You'll have to let us know what it's like!

Madeleine said...

Good luck enjoy it. I'm not on twitter either, I feel I wouldn't get *any* writing done at all then. LOL! :O)

Adina West said...

I'll never say never, but I will say...not yet. It took me long enough to get the blog happening! And being a talkative type I'm not sure if I can say anything useful in that few characters (though it would be invaluable practice!).

Have fun in the twitterverse. (And to think that ten years ago if you said "Google it" most people wouldn't know what you were talking about - and now we're tweeting, and re-tweeting, and blogging, and having blogfests in the blogosphere. It's a brave new world...)

L'Aussie said...

Rachel, twitter is great. I joined as soon as it started and didn't do much with it until I got into blogging. It goes together with blogging very well. You need to go into twitter and hit 'goodies' and organise a read-out for your blog - add widget. I think it's option 3 so you can see the tweets from those you follow as they happen. Check it out on my site. That way you can reply etc. Also, when you post on your blog you can tell your followers and the whole twitterverse. It is another network worth exploring.

Sorry to rave on, but used well, twitter is fantastic.

Anyhow, thanks for popping over and following me. I've followed you on twitter too - I'm @pichetsinparis.

Looking forward to blogging/tweeting with you. Please feel free to ask any more questions - or not!! Ha ha..:)

Rachael Harrie said...

Hey Rachel, welcome to the Twitterverse. Can't wait to share that journey with you as well :)

BTW, did you see you're winning (so far) in my First Crusader Challenge (woot!)???


Rachel Morgan said...

Thanks for the advice, guys. Looking forward to getting the most out of twitter (if I can!).

Rach - with all my marking the past few days I did not even know you'd posted a shortlist. Squeeeee!
*feels warm and happy inside*