Thursday, October 7, 2010

At First Sight Blogfest

Jacee Drake is hosting her first ever blogfest, the At First Sight Blogfest.
Thank you, Jacee!
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Serena pushed the heavy door open and smiled guiltily as all heads turned in her direction. She hurried toward the nearest empty seat and dropped into it, keeping her head down.

How embarrassing. Day one of the new semester and she was already late. She peeked up through her lashes; everyone seemed engaged in the lecture once more. Her eyes roved around the U-shape of desks. There were several faces she recognised: that girl from Chemistry, that Asian guy who never spoke to anyone, and--

Hello! Who was that? Her eyes stopped abruptly on the tan-skinned, strong-jawed, green-eyed hunk she'd definitely never seen in any lecture room before.

His eyes snapped to hers as though he'd felt her gaze, and she blinked and looked away. What class was this again? She didn't recognise anything on the screen...

She couldn't help it. Her eyes moved slowly back to the Hunk. He wasn't looking at her anymore. Not exactly. He was looking at... her legs? She shifted uncomfortably, trying to remember when she'd last shaved.

He met her eyes, pointed subtly at her legs, and gave her a thumbs up, mouthing, Nice!

How rude! she thought, hoping the expression on her face told him exactly what she now thought of him.

His smile faltered; then realisation spread across his features. He shook his head slightly and reached down to tap his ankle.

The tattoo! she remembered, blushing at how silly she'd been to think he was referring to her legs as nice. She smiled at him in what she hoped was a flirtatious manner. Thanks, she mouthed.

He picked up a pen, glanced toward the front, and began to write. So that was it? Silent conversation over? She turned back to the lecturer who was pacing back and forth, pointing excitedly at the screen.

Something hit her hand and she started. A paper airplane. She looked up at the Hunk and saw him grinning widely at her.

Her fingers fumbled to pull the airplane apart. Do you always like to make an entrance? it said, in lazy handwriting that she was already in love with.

With her heart beating somewhat faster than normal, she wrote, If it'll get your attention, I can be late every time. That was daring. Maybe too daring? No. One needed to be daring once in a while.

She folded it up and shot it back across the U, earning herself several irritated looks from fellow students. The Hunk opened it, and she watched with a pounding heart as a smile spread across his lips.

She jumped as the door banged shut behind her. A slim figure with sleek auburn hair hurried around the U-shape and slid gracefully into the empty chair beside the Hunk.

"Sorry I'm late," she giggled, planting a kiss on the Hunk's cheek and laying a hand possessively over his.

His jaw tightened. His free hand wrapped around what was left of the paper airplane and tightened into a fist, crumpling the silent conversation into a small, invisible ball.


Okay, so that was technically 5 words over the limit, but if I'm disqualified that's okay. I don't do these things to win anything... I do them because it's FUN TO WRITE!! Thanks again, Jacee :-)


Brenda Drake said...

It was well worth the extra five words. I didn't want to stop reading. I loved the silent banter between Serena and the Hunk. I totally snarled when Miss Auburn came into the room. What is up with that? Is he with her or what? Umm...questions, questions. Great post! :D

Tessa Conte said...

Aww how unfair! What a jerk to flirt with her when he has a girlfriend!

And yes, I too unsheathed my claws when she walked in and kissed his cheek. Is this part of a WIP? I hope so, because it's really good! I want Serena to get Mr Hunk!!!

Rachel Morgan said...

Brenda - Yup, they are together. At least, Miss Auburn thinks they are!

Tessa - nope, not part of a WIP, but it's always a possibility for the future! I (like you) had a great deal of trouble finding an appropriate scene from my actual WIP, so I just had to make one up :-)

J.C. Martin said...

Darn, I was so enjoying the sweet note-exchanging, and then the girlfriend had to turn up! :(

WritersBlockNZ said...

Haha that was great, and a nice bit of conflict thrown in at the end ;)

Cinette said...

I like that twist at the end. Can't have a happily ever after in under (okay, around) 500 words. Where's the fun in that? ;0P

Dawn Embers said...

Nice work. It was so cute and then the ending gets there and aww. Too bad. You drew me in and that is something that not everyone can achieve. Great entry for the blogfest.

Francine said...


I hate it when that happens, a seemingly nice bloke turns out to be a first class jerk (sh*t). But, but, I'm guessing the kisser-girl is his sister! (?). ;)


Marieke said...

Aw, I loved that! GReat fun :)

Quinn said...

I loved this! Great job Rachel!!!

The back and forth between Serena and the hunk was great and the the end ... BAM! Great twist!

I want to read more!

Quinn said...

I just realized how many times I said great in my comment ... sorry I wasn't more descriptive.

Christopher S. Ledbetter said...

I'm late reading this, but I loved it. The tension was wonderful. Speaks volumes about how people communicate and the misinformation we give and receive. I loved the internal dialogue as well.

Auburn showing up is so classic made me think of a few movies I love; The Holiday and Legally Blonde.

Nice post.

Adina West said...

Ooh, great scene. Loved it! You definitely need to use that in a real WIP sometime soon.