Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Book Shelves and Book Questions

Have you succumbed to the world of e-readers, storing your neatly organised bookshelves all inside one slim, attractive electronic device? Or do you, like me, still crave the feeling of holding a real book in your hands, turning real pages, and smelling real paper?

If you're like me...

Important Book Question #1
Where do you keep all these books, and how do you arrange them?
Because storage can become a serious problem! Every now and then I have to shunt a boxload of books off the shelf and into the storeroom outside...

When I was little I arranged my books by height. That was a little weird. Now that I'm slightly less weird I arrange my books by Importance. Books I read less often get moved higher (where I have to stand on a chair to reach them), and my favourite favourites remain at eye level :-)

Important Book Question #2
Do you use a bookmark or bend over the corner of the page?
Personally, I would chop off my own finger before bending the corner of page. Okay, perhaps that's a little severe... But seriously! Bending the page is like some kind of book sin! 

Important Book Question #3
Do you ever eat while reading?
Come on. CHOCOLATE + BOOKS. What could be better?!


Okay, so perhaps they're not important questions, but I'd like to hear your answers nonetheless :-)


Megan K. Bickel said...

I am a paper book person all the way. I am also a too-poor-to-buy-books-so-the-library-is-my-bookshelf person. : )

I agree that bending the page is the LAST thing I would do!

And I can't think of a time I'm not eating!

Rachel Morgan said...

Ha ha!

Yeah, books can get a little pricey... I see it this way: some people splurge on clothes, some people splurge on shoes. Books are my indulgence!

(And then I have to borrow clothes from my sister... see my previous post, Tag, You're It!)

Jamie said...

Definitely a "real" book person - always will be. As far as your questions...

1. I have 3 lg & 3 sm bookshelf units that are PACKED...time for some more! And I only arrange by author.

2. Absolutely 100% bookmark. I have about 50 of them, so there's always one available!

3. Um, is there a different way to read other than while eating?

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I am lucky enough to have a separate room (my library) for books. Giant shelves organized in a somewhat logical way. I always use a bookmark and I love to snack while reading. :-)

Su said...

I prefer real books. But given the problem of storage that you mentioned, I'm sure I will give in to e-readers eventually.

So, #1: On bookshelves. But I am currently one bookshelf short, so we have stacks of books in our extra room that are begging for a home of their own.

#2: Bookmarks. The university has given me enough free bookmarks for me to someday pass on to my children. However, if it's a textbook and I'm out and about with no bookmark, I will fold the corner down. If it's a real book (I have a hard time giving textbooks "real" status) and I have no bookmark, I try to remember the page # or just figure out where I was when I return to it.

#3: I also eat while reading, which is why some of my books have chocolate smudges. :(

Rachel Morgan said...

Jamie - you made me laugh with your "is there a different way to read other than while eating?" :-)

Shannon - that is SOOO cool! I WILL have my own library one day!

Su - ha, ha, some of my old books also have the odd chocolate smudge here and there. At least the pages have browned with age, so the chocolate is less noticeable!

Kirthi said...

I love paper better!

RaShelle said...

Rachel - you're hilarious!! No, I can't e-read. I NEED an actual book. I usually read straight through, but if I can't, I grab whatever is handy. A piece of paper or a sticky note, a pencil . . . def NO bending. And three, I don't usually eat while reading. If I do, then the book usually isn't doing it for me. Maybe if I'm starving, I'll grab an oreo and a Monster (the drink).
As for organization, I love a mess of books. I have an small, little office area that's mine and I like to be surrounded by MY books! On shelves, lined up next to my monitor, stacked a couple deep next to me (usually if I'm referring to those). I can't have them on the floor though. THAT is my organization. =D

Ellie said...

What interesting questions! I have this week ordered my first ebook reader - a Kindle. It felt like I was selling my soul to the devil but I wanted to buy something with my first professional earnings as a writer that I would remember! Also, even though I'm a paperback reader, as an aspiring writer I know I need to embrace new technologies.

Now for my answers:

1. I have one very large bookcase, in which my books are arranged in size order. Within each size group, they are arranged alphabetically.

2. Bend the pages? Are you mad?

3. Coffee and mint humbugs or curly wurlies. Yum.

Marieke said...

Ooh, fun! :D I couldn't do ebooks - I love the feel and smell of real books :D

1) In my library! When I moved here I transformed one of my rooms into a proper library, with bookcases lining the walls right up to the ceiling. It's heaven!

The books are arranged by subject, mostly. Or they once were, but it's slowly turning into randomly inserting books where ever there's still space :D

2) Bookmarks, if at all. I usually remember where I was :)

3) Ice cream! Love!

Julie Hedlund said...

Paper books all the way for me. My shelves are groaning, and spilling out onto the floor, nightstand, drawers, etc. I even have bookshelves made out of books (from my dad's law library that I couldn't bear to throw out after he passed away).

My books are not at risk from food stains so much as water damage from reading in the bathtub!

And no - I do not dog-ear books, ever!!!

Rachel Morgan said...

Thanks, guys, I loved getting your replies :-)
(I've often wanted to read in the bath but try not to for fear of dropping the book into the water!)

Madeleine said...

Just like you I much prefer to own a book (and usually read in bed). Yes I do sometimes eat and drink while reading and I keep my books on shelves and stacked sideways. I prefer to use a bookmark. Sadly I don't have a mansion to house a private library. I am currently reading 'Breaking Dawn'. You can see some of my books at the bottom of this page: http://scribbleandedit.blogspot.com/p/favourite-authors-and-poets.html