Wednesday, October 6, 2010

They Rock My World

You know? Lots of flashing light and pouring rain and house shuddering booms.

When I was little we used to get lots of storms here in summer. Like, LOTS. We'd suffer through the sweltering, sticky, suffocating heat at school, then get home to have a "compulsory swim" (my mom invented those), then suffer some more while doing homework (though not quite as much, because wet-hair-dripping-down-back kinda cools you off a bit). 

And then finally, FINALLY, as evening came on, clouds would gather and everything would get that strange kind of bright-but-not-bright-green-pink-almost-luminous look about it (I'm sorry, I know I'm a writer but I just can't describe that. You have to know what I'm talking about!). And fat raindrops would squeeze themselves out of the clouds and plop down, sizzling, onto the still-hot concrete around the pool, and then SUDDENLY the heavens would just tear open and torrential rain would pour down, finally giving us the RELIEF we'd craved all day (plus the excitement of the house-shuddering booms!).

We don't really get storms much anymore. Not like we used to. (Jeepers, I sound like an old lady! "When I was a little girl..."!!)

We had a storm last night. You might have guessed.

Credit - first photo
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Brenda Drake said...

Great descriptions! I live in the Southwest and we hardly ever get storms, so when we do I get all giddy too. I love them. :D

Madeleine said...

I see you grew up in Durban, South Africa and do you still live in South Africa? Yes there is something skin tinglingly atmoshperic about thunder storms. I don't mind them at all, as long as they don't keep me awake at night when i need to get up early. I have a relaxation tape with storm sounds on that I love :O)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I LOVE a good storm, especially one like you described. :-)

Marieke said...

I adore storms like that! Can I have one now? ;)

C. N. Nevets said...

I think and feel my best during good violent thunder storms. One or two a weak would be perfect for me, I think.

Rachel Morgan said...

Yay, fellow storm-lovers, I salute you!

The Golden Eagle said...

I love storms! They're very dramatic.

Suzy Turner said...

Am wishing for one of those storms right now. You know the kind of storm you described so beautifully in your post.
Great flashes of lightning, cracks of thunder so loud you think it actually shook the house and rain, rain so heavy that it makes miniature raging rivers through the garden.
Oh storms... you gotta luv em!

Cinette said...

I love storms! My girls and I gather in our sunroom or even on our sheltered deck, just to take it all in. The emmence power is invigorating!

Kiki Hamilton said...

I love storms too! They always make me want to write!