Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quadruple Award!

I received an award today, another a few days ago, another last week and (gulp) another several weeks ago that I've haven't officially said thanks for!!

Thank you so much to Michael Di Gesu @ In Time for the Versatile Blogger award.

[I have received this one before so I've already passed it on...]

Thank you so much to Kittie Howard @ The Block for the Cherry on Top award

[I have received this one before so I've already passed it on...]

Thank you so much to Madeleine Maddocks @ Scribble and Edit for L'Aussie's Fair Dinkum award.

By accepting the award I need to tell you what Fair Dinkum means to me.
So... um... to be perfectly honest I had never heard those words before this blog award came along (and for some reason the word "dinkum" is making me think of mini doughnuts!).

In Fair Dinkum spirit (whatever it is!) I'm passing it on to:

Kittie @ The Block
Colene @ The Journey
RaShelle @ A No. 2 Pencil, Stat!
Megan @ The Write-At-Home-Mom
Karen @ Coming Down the Mountain
Stina @ Seeing Creative
Hafsah @ Icey Books

Thank you so much to Catherine Johnson @ Kangaroobee's Blog for the Christmas Blog Award

In the spirit of Christmas and friendship, I'm passing it on to:

Marieke @ Marieke's Musings
Quinn @ seeing, dreaming... writing
Rach @ Rach Writes...
Jenn @ Jenn Musing
Mary Mary @ Diving Secrets of the Writing Sisterhood



Summer Ross said...

congrats on the awards!

Su said...

Wow, look at you and all your awards! We always knew you were impressive. :)

The Sisterhood said...

Thank you so very much for the Christmas Blog Award! It's actually the first one I've received for just me, myself, and I. I'm going to tack it on over at my Random Book Review tomorrow, since I've already done a post over at the Sisterhood this week. So, if anyone wants to see it, pop on over there tomorrow for my next to last post for the year!

♥ Mary Mary

Grandpa said...

Rachel, well done! Congrats x 4!

RaShelle said...

Rachel - Congrats on the awards, girl!!!

And, thanks for passing on the Fair Dinkum. I'm excited to ponder this one. ;D I appreciate you thinking of me!

Have a great holiday. xoxo

Megan K. Bickel said...

Congrats, Rachel!! And thanks for the Fair Dinkum! : )

Ellie said...

Congratulations on the awards. Four is awesome! And thank you for mine :)

Rachael Harrie said...

Congrats on your awards Rachel, so fantastically cool!!! :)

And thanks so much for the Christmas Blog Award, I'll pop it on my Awards page :) YAY!!!


Carol Riggs said...

Yay! Congratz on ALL your awards! Way to go!

L'Aussie said...

Congratulations on all your awards. You must have missed my posts about what 'fair dinkum' means. Lovely that it made it to you and that you have passed it on.
Merry Christmas!

gideon 86 said...

Congratulations. What fun to win so many awards for the holiday season. Lots of love for you and the recipients who will receive them.

Happy Christmas, Rachel.


Colene Murphy said...

Wow! Thanks so much Rachel!!! You rock!!

Jemi Fraser said...

What lovely awards - congratulations! :)

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Thanks for the lovely award. That's one I don't have. :D

The Golden Eagle said...

Congratulations on all the awards! They're well-deserved! :D

Kittie Howard said...

Congratulations on your well-deserved awards, Rachel! You've got a terrific blog! And thank you for thinking of me...the Fair Dinkum award is an awesome Christmas present *blushes*.

Can you hear the jazz?? Hub and I are at the Bourbon Orleans hotel on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Turns out the room is more a flat with a balcony that overlooks Bourbon...we're like, wow!

Abby Minard said...

Congrats on the awards!!