Monday, December 20, 2010

Be Jolly By Golly Blogfest!


(Well, partially, we do have a number of Western-style decorations...)

I'm doing "minimalist"decorations this year since more than half my family has deserted me for the UK. (Well, they're actually currently hanging out in Cape Town, as the big FREEZE overseas has kinda delayed the Northern leg of their holiday :-( )

The wire Christmas tree with beaded (and other random) decorations.
The three angels - wire, metal and beaded. (What's that you say? It's supposed to be three wise men? Ah well, the angels are cool...)

I love this carved nativity scene of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. It's one of my favourite Christmas decoration sets.
(Sorry I didn't photograph the fabulous pottery nativity set I made yonks and yonks ago in art class! You have to really special to see that one ;-) )
And then there's my stocking made for me by my godmother when I was very little :-)

One of my favourite holiday (actually anytime!) treats is chocolate filled shortbread.

210g butter
1 tsp boiling water
4 tsp castor sugar
250g flour
200g slab dark chocolate

Mix the butter, sugar and boiling water. Add the flour and mix well. (Add a little more butter/flour if the mixture seems to dry/moist for handling). Break the chocolate up into its blocks. Cover each piece of chocolate in some shortbread mixture and form into a small ball. Bake at 120 degrees C for 20 minutes. Roll in castor sugar (yeah, I know, the picture has icing sugar, sorry...) while still warm. And if you eat them while they're still warm then the chocolate will be melted in the middle! YUM! But they're rockingly awesome when they've cooled down too.

Okay, so I don't really have a favourite holiday drink, but I have a substitute for this section!
Right. It's mid summer. Super hot. You're in the pool cooling off, and someone brings you a large piece of watermelon. The sun beats down on you and just looking at that cold, juicy, slightly crisp, pink watermelon makes your mouth water. You lean on the edge of the pool and bite into it, refreshing and delicious, juice dripping down your chin. AWESOME!!! One of my favourite parts of summer :-)


And thanks to Melissa and Jen for hosting this most scrumptious blogfest!


Ellie said...

Happy Christmas, Rachel!

I love your decorations and if it wasn't -10 outside, I'd go for the watermelon too!

Carol Riggs said...

I absolutely love the wooden nativity scene! It has almost a Byzantine, old world look to the pieces. Happy/Merry Christmas!

Mary Mary said...

Lovely pics (although I'm not a big fan of watermelon, I can see why you'd love it so much)! Have a great Christmas!

♥ Mary Mary

Nicole Zoltack said...

Great pictures! Merry Christmas! :)

RaShelle said...

Rachel - Very cool decorations. And, I love watermelon, too. Yum!

Colene Murphy said...

WOW! I LOVE YOUR DECORATIONS!! (all capital kind of love) Beautiful!! Merry Christmas!!

Tessa Conte said...

Merry Christmas!

That wire tree is great, and just think... no needles to clear up after! : P

Shannon said...

Stopping by for the blogfest.

Love your decorations! It looks so festive!

Happy Holidays!


Mary Vaughn said...

What unique and lovely decorations!

Happy Christmas!

(Please send heat) :P

Su said...

Love the decorations! And I am absolutely going to try chocolate-filled shortbread.

gideon 86 said...

Happy Christmas, Rachel.

What incredible pieces you have. I appreciate hand-made art sculptures and yours are gorgeous.

I agree with Mary... send us some heat!


Jemi Fraser said...

totally love those wire decorations! Just beautiful :)

Kelley said...

Those decorations are so unique and awesome! Happy Holidays!

Michelle Merrill said...

I love your nativity! Have a Merry Christmas :)

Jennie Bailey said...

I love your decorations! And I hope that your family makes it to the next leg of their trip (even though it's without you). Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Melissa said...

Your decorations are gorgeous! I love the wire angels and tree, so beautiful! ANd that stocking is priceless, especially cause your grandma made it for you!

Those cookies sound amazing!

Thank you so much for participating in our blog fest!

Madeleine said...

Oh wow I love your decs and I've never heard of choc filled shortbread before, sounds yummy. I decided to schedule a post for Xmas day with mine. HAPPY CHRISTMAS :O)

Tessa Quin said...

Happy holidays, Rachel :D Those decorations look really pretty.

Anonymous said...

Your Christmas decorations are awesome. The wire ones are my favorites. Merry Christmas!

roxy said...

Love your African Christmas! With the decorations, treats, and the image of swimming in the sun and eating chilled watermelon, it's awesome. Happy Holidays.

Tara said...

Very cool decorations.

Happy Holidays.

Vanessa Morgan said...

I just favorited this page so that I can make the chocolate filled shortbread. Thanks. Merry Christmas!


Talei said...

Loving your decorations - the stocking from your Grandmother is really sweet too! And I definitely want some watermelon! Hope you have a great Christmas, Heathrow and Gatwick have been having alot of probs with the snow so you never know, you may still have your family home! ;) Happy Holidays! ;)

Abby Minard said...

Chocolate filled shortbread?? Yum! Your decorations are so pretty- I love the wire minimalist feel! So earthy and gorgeous. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Patricia A. Timms said...

These are beautiful decorations. I especially love the stocking. The cookie look yummy.