Friday, November 19, 2010

Mirrors and Other Magic

Spurred on by the helpful comments I received to yesterday's Title Trouble, I've decided to be brave and post some actual-real-kind-of-sort-of options for my title/s...

So. My series has three books (why are you yawning? Wait, please don't go!), and at the mo I'm thinking of using the magical object that is important to each story as the title for each. Kind of in the vein of Philip Pullman's THE GOLDEN COMPASS, THE SUBTLE KNIFE, and THE AMBER SPYGLASS (which, if you didn't know, are epically awesome!).

So....     "The [adjective] [object]"

The object in the first book is a mirror.
It's large enough to show a person's head and shoulders.
It currently (though this is easy to change) has an ornate silver frame with amethysts set into it.
The magical part is that anyone who looks into it is protected against bodily harm.

Now YOUR part (pleeeeease!): I need an awesome [adjective] to go in front of the word mirror. Or, if your think this is a dumb series of names, please tell me (um, in a nice way!)

And if you have an adjective that has nothing to do with what I've mentioned but that sounds cool in front of mirror, tell me anyway! I can always do that sneaky thing I mentioned yesterday and go back to the text and reverse engineer something in to fit the title ;-)


Summer Ross said...

Its great that it's your real name- I love it!

Okay- title wise let me think----

just for tinkering check out this site that can help you brain storm:

okay and now for my suggestions:
The Mystic Mirror
The Talis Mirror
The Echoing Mirror
The veiling Mirror

The Shepard Glass
The Shrouding Glass

(a mirror is glass so I thought glass might work in some way)

Rachel Morgan said...

Summer, those are some super duper suggestions, thank you so much! And yes, I think glass could work as well...

RaShelle said...

Hi Rachel - Oh, the joy of finding a title. I thought of one. Hope it's helpful.

Reflection's Shield

Good luck! =D

Kittie Howard said...

The Amethyst Mirror

Stones are soooo intertwined with magic, which the mirror is.

Rachel Morgan said...

Ooh, that is really cool, RaShelle! But then I'll have to change the other two books to sort of.. you know, match! But that I can do!
Thanks a bunch!

Rachel Morgan said...

Kittie, I've actually considered that one, The Amethyst Mirror. I just didn't know if people would think it... I don't know.. catchy enough? But maybe it is. Thank you for helping!

Carole Anne Carr said...

Yes, I'm drawn to glass and thinking of splinters, each fragment a different lead into a story.

Anstice Potts (Tizzy) said...

I like the idea of a title based on a mystical object. Here are my suggestions:

The Glass Guardian (my favourite)
The Jeweled Glass/ The Jeweled Mirror
The Gilded Glass

Quinn said...

I like the idea of basing the titles around the object that is important in that book. And I love that pic.

It's kinda hard to come up with a title without knowing the story. Even knowing that looking in the mirror protects the person it's kinda hard not knowing what role the mirror actually plays or if there's any twist involving it or its powers.

I can't think of any now, but I'll pop back in if I think of something.

LadyJai said...

wow...all my suggestions are taken! LOL But I REALLY love Reflection's Shield by RaShelle

And 2nd would have to be The Glass Guardian

gideon 86 said...

I vote for Reflection's shield, too.

Mine is blunt.


I also love the use of the objects in the title.

Joanna St. James said...

MY top 2
Reflection Shield
Glass Guardian

I told u I really suck at titles so here is my go
Amethyst Bound
The Jeweled Protector

Julie Hedlund said...

I like Reflection's Shield and The Glass Guardian too.

You could also play with some options by not putting the mirror as the last word. For example, MIRROR AMETHYST, GILDED GUARD, MIRROR MYSTIC, etc.

Rachel Morgan said...

Yay! Thank you for all your wonderful input! And I'm glad you like the idea of titles named after objects and that no one has called anything dumb yet (unless you're all just holding back ;-)).

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

Another vote for The Glass Guardian.

I was also thinking The Shielding Mirror (or The Mirror Shield).

erica and christy said...

Oh, titles are the hardest, aren't they? I've changed mine at least 10 times and still don't love it. Hoping an agent/publisher will like my story enough to help me change my title later. Good luck!

Adina West said...

So hard. *thinks* A reference to Snow White maybe? Just call it Mirror Mirror and have the other titles be fairytale play-on-words of some kind?

I actually thought your title for this blog post was a cool title for a book but I suppose that doesn't help with the series aspect.

If it helps at all, I kind of thought my title was lame but my agent loved it. And a publisher (if one ever sees it) may hate the name and want to change it again. So just think of whatever you come up with as a 'working title'...

Debbie Curran said...

I suck at titles... mine is also a planned series and the title is "(MC Name) and the (something from the book)"... sooo done already a thousand times. But keeps me on track for the writing. ;)

From the suggestions above, I'd vote:

The Glass Guardian
The Veiling Glass/Mirror

Anonymous said...

I like The Glass Guardian suggestion best. Now trying to think of my own hmm...
The Mirror of Deflection

Cinette said...

I'm lousy with titles. Reflection's Shield has my vote.