Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Morgan Media Launch: Morgan Media Does Book Trailers

"Quality author services at affordable prices"

Welcome to the third day of launch week! Today the service being highlighted is ...

Book Trailers

Helping me out today are Cally Jackson, author of the new adult novel The Big Smoke, and Cherie Reich, who has published a lot of short fiction and recently announced plans to publish her debut novel. Creating videos is something I've enjoyed ever since I discovered the simple Windows Movie Maker on my computer about eight or nine years ago, so book trailers are something I've always been keen to do. Now that I have more sophisticated software, I'm able to start experimenting with more complex video editing. Cally and Cherie were kind enough to let me try out my skills on their books!

Cally Jackson, author of The Big Smoke

Cherie Reich, author of The Nightmare Collection

To see more book trailers, visit the book trailers page on the Morgan Media website.

P.S. The electricity went out at home this morning before I wrote and published this blog post, so I'm now sitting at gym doing it. For some reason the browser here is weird and won't let me type anything in Compose mode, so I'm having to do it all in HTML mode. Not ideal!

Oh, and you can still enter the giveaway until the end of Thursday!
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Natalie Aguirre said...

Awesome you can do book trailers. That's something I don't think I'd be trying myself.

Cherie Reich said...

Thank you so much for creating my book trailer, Rachel! :D

SA Larsenッ said...

Playing with options for trailers is fun! Thrilled it's working so well for you.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

At least you got the post up! Wroe about Morgan Media today on my blog. Not only have you gotten congrats, a reader commented that she'd check your business out. Yay! You truly are multi-talented, I'm certain your customers love the finished product.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Saw both trailers today - they are awesome.

Tara Tyler said...

congratulations so much! hope you get lots of business!!
and cool trailers!

Annalisa Crawford said...

I've never ever, ever thought about book trailers... I am now ;-)