Friday, April 27, 2012

Creepy Hollow Fae: Xerogoul

Year of study: fifth
Assignment type: solo

He wraps his sandpapery hands around my neck and squeezes. “You damn guardians think you can interfere in everything that isn’t your business.”

I slash at him with my knife, slicing through the front of his jacket, and then bring my knee up hard against his stomach. He stumbles backward down the cinema steps. “You make it ... our business ... when you try to kill someone,” I gasp, then throw the knife at him for good measure. He dodges the weapon, which vanishes into the air before it hits the screen.

I reach into the air and grab another knife in each hand. I throw them, one after the other, but the xerogoul jumps and somehow just keeps floating upward. I guess you can do that when you weigh little more than a sheet of paper. He looks like a washed out version of a human, but I know he’s empty inside. And I mean that literally.

“You’re gonna have to get a whole lot more knives,” he says. “’Cause your aim sucks, little girl.”

I snap my fingers and a flame appears in my palm. “You wanna come over here and say that?”

~  ~  ~

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Cherie Reich said...

The xerogoul sounds like an obnoxious creature. Hope the flame works. :)

Anonymous said...

Does he burn like a piece of paper?

Also, just to clarify: is that X like Zero... or X like Xian (or Shian)?

Christine Rains said...

Oh yeah! You get him, girl!

Rachel Morgan said...

It's X like Zero. And yes he's meant to burn like paper :)

The Golden Eagle said...

I guess the xerogoul's form would be both an advantage and disadvantage, then--light but flammable!

Great story. :)

The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

Fairview said...

Your main character sounds awesomely fierce. I'd want her as my guardian!