Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm On Video!

Kicking off the blog tour awesomeness we have Cally, Misha and Soumi!

  • Okay, so I got really brave and decided to do a VIDEO interview today for Cally Jackson Writes. Scary!

  •  I'm also talking about YA Stereotypes over at Misha Gericke's My First Book.

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I want to say another MAJOR THANK YOU to everyone who posted about GUARDIAN on their blogs yesterday. It was loads of fun visiting all of you and seeing my pretty cover getting around :-)

Also, I obviously have NO idea how Amazon Bestseller lists work. Before I uploaded GUARDIAN I did all this research on all the different categories and sub-categories in the Kindle Store -- you know, how many results came up for each one, searching keywords within each of those categories. But when I came to choosing categories in the upload section, they didn't match the categories in the Kindle Store! (Me: ????) Anyway, I ended up going with Fiction > Fantasy > Short Stories and Fiction > Fantasy > Contemporary. So... today I woke up and saw that my book was #90 in Books > Science Fiction and Fantasy > Fantasy > Anthologies. Like, how does that happen when I didn't put it there?! 'Cos, um, it's not an anthology!

Is there anyone who can explain to me how it works?

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Annalisa Crawford said...

I've got no idea how the bestseller lists work, but I have bought a copy - looking forward to reading it!

Angela Felsted said...

I have no idea how it works, but I think it's cool that you made the list anyway. :)

Rachel Morgan said...

Thank you, Annalisa! Hope you enjoy it!

Angela: Lol, thanks! I then checked out the Amazon UK site, and the numbers were, of course, different, and the book is on a different list. A list that makes more sense! So... I don't know!

Laura Josephsen said...

I have no idea how it works, either. One of my books was once number 1 for some days in a "dragons" category, and there was only ever a mention of dragons in the book itself. It was weird.


Jenn said...

How did I totally miss that Guardian is now available? Whoo hoo, I need to get me a copy! Congrats!

And way to be brave and do a video interview. That's also awesome!

QueendSheena said...

I just bought Guardian on Smashwords. I've read the first chapter and I'm loving it. Worth every penny.

Arlee Bird said...

Just left a comment over at Teresa Milstein's site.

An A to Z Co-Host
Tossing It Out
Twitter: @AprilA2Z

Cally Jackson said...

Very bizarre! I have no idea why that would happen (literally NO idea). Let us know if any other crazy listings pop up. It's interesting stuff! :-)

Rachel Morgan said...

Laura and Cally - I have emailed Amazon to ask them how it works. Hopefully I'll be able to give you more information!

QueendSheena - thank you SO much! Hope you love the rest of the book as much as chapter one!

Jenn - you were on my list of firsts on launch day!

Arlee - thanks for visiting Theresa's post. It turned into quite a discussion about brunettes and purple being many people's favorite color!

mish said...

Hi Rachel - Congrats on the release of the book!
I've just returned from Sarah's place over at Empty White Pages where I really enjoyed your post! I'm a fellow South African - AND a Durbanite too!
Nice to meet you!