Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We have a winner!

Yes, the time has finally come to announce the The Power of Tension Blogfest winner!
(I won't waste any time waffling...)

First Prize:
Congratulations, Trisha!

I make it to the corner store with minutes to spare.

Rushing down the kitchen and bathroom aisle, I dart around the corner and see the storeroom door. Suppressing a yell of triumph and relief, I fly at the door and rattle the handle—it turns. I fall on it, push, slip inside. My breaths are harsh in my ears, but at least they’re still coming.


Trisha has won a $15 Amazon voucher plus an interview on my blog and Cally’s blog OR a 1st chapter beta read by both Cally and me. Let us know what you’d like, Trisha!

Second Prize:
Congratulations, Gabriellan!

For the past week, I’d had a countdown clock of sorts in my head. Now, the countdown clock read 00:00:01.

The door to my cell opened. Slowly, the steamy interior of the cell cleared.

“That’s not my name.” I made my voice as cold as I could.

Gabriellan has won a $10 Amazon voucher plus an interview on my blog and Cally’s blog OR a 1st chapter beta read by both Cally and me. Let us know what you’d like, Gabriellan!

Third Prize (is a tie!):
Congratulations, Damyanti!

I mean to kill. I know it is only a matter of time today, I’ve chosen my spot well.
A man on the hospital escalator going down watches a woman on her way up. A staircase separates the two escalators, perhaps for busy doctors who can’t get enough cardio into their week. The man turns, raises his head to gaze at her trim little figure. She does not notice him watching her, nor does he know I hold him in my sight.

Read More... (violence warning)

Third Prize (is a tie!):
Congratulations, Sarah!

Emily walked the bird block. Large almost-birds hissed and whispered in the trees—Bird hater, bird hater.

This last block to school belonged to the birds for a week now, though no one else heard them. Emily didn’t look at them. If she did, they would slide around on the branches like shadows. She wouldn’t be able to tell where their beaks ended and their heads began. The largest of them would open his mouth in a great yawn, and for a second, Emily would feel all swallowed up. That’s what happened the first day. The day after they’d lost the softball championship.


Damyanti and Sarah have each won a $5 Amazon voucher.

Honourable Mentions

Honourable mentions go to our two remaining finalists, J. C. Martin, Fighter Writer and Steph from Word by Word. Between them, they received over 20% of the votes in the competition, which just shows how close the results were.

~ ~ ~

Thanks again to everyone who entered the blogfest, to everyone who voted, and to everyone who commented. You helped to make the competition a wonderful success!

Yay for tension!


Trisha said...

Rachel and Cally - thank you so much! I'm extremely honoured here and excited! :D I think I will take the critique, just gotta decide which WIP!! omg... lol

Sarah said...

So exciting! Thanks again, Rachel and Cally. I had so much fun in my first blogfest. And congrats to all the winners! All the entries were great.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winners!

Damyanti said...

Thank you so much, and thanks to all the winners :)

Michael Di Gesu said...

Congrats to ALL the winners! WELL DONE!

Nas Dean said...

Congratulations to all winners! It was a fun Tension-filled blog-fest!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winners, they were brilliant!

Kari Marie said...

Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions. Truly superb work!

J.C. Martin said...

Woah--sounds like it was a mega-close competition! Big congrats to the well-deserved winners! Can't believe I was a finalist in the company of such talented writers!

Madeleine said...

well done to all the winners YAY! :O)

Trisha said...

Hey - just letting you know I used my Amazon gift card today - Supernatural soundtrack (the score) and another CD coming my way :D Thanks again!