Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Twilight vs The Mortal Instruments

I was a Twilight fan. Then I discovered "City of Bones".
Now I am still a Twilight fan.
But I am a WAY BIGGER Mortal Instruments fan!!!

I admit, whenever I read a book I’m always searching for a good love story in there, so reading the Twilight Saga – unashamedly a love story – was a pleasure. But then to discover that I could get my fantasy-mystery-adventure fix AND my hot-forbidden-love fix all in one, well... step aside Twilight, and make way for… (drum roll)… THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS.

More excitement, more mystery, more complicated, WAY more action (the fighting kind) and - sorry Edward - but Jace has got to be the hottest guy in fiction I've ever come across!
For me, there's no contest...

Well done, Stephenie Meyer, but three (or more) cheers for Cassandra Clare!