Sunday, June 20, 2010

Percy Jackson - and why adults should get to enjoy junior fiction too

Until the movie was released I had never heard of Percy Jackson, but it looked like the kind of children’s fantasy story that I’d enjoy so off I went to watch it.

And I enjoyed it.

So when I realised that the movie was based on a book, and knowing that books are always better than the movie, I figured I would enjoy the book. So I went to my local library and (after standing at the counter for several irritated minutes while the librarian chatted to people and did several other random, unnecessary things) I asked if they had any Percy Jackson books available. She gave me this odd look and said, “You know it’s a Junior book, right?”

Now please tell me: what is wrong with adults enjoying children’s/junior/YA books? Nobody had a problem with it when it came to Harry Potter. Doesn’t everyone know that books for younger people are more exciting than most adult novels? It’s like people grow up and get boring. (Ok, not always. But often.) I just think it’s amazing to be able to escape back to a time when any adventure was possible and a whole world of opportunities lay before us. If only we could all carry that mindset with us throughout life.

PS. I did read “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” and I did thoroughly enjoy it. (It was way better than the movie!) It’s going onto my “I will read this to my children one day when I actually have children” shelf J

PPS. Roald Dahl was someone who NEVER forgot how much fun a child-like imagination could be!