Monday, June 7, 2010

High on Fiction

A good book is like a drug…

It sucks you in, pulls you under. You lose track of reality. It consumes your thoughts, you want to get back to it all the time, need more, need more. And when it’s over and reality hits – wow, what a low... You just NEED MORE!

“City of Bones” is just such a book. 
(And “City of Ashes”… and “City of Glass” too. Of course.)

It has everything: adventure, mystery, romance, fantasy, action, it’s witty, it’s sexy and, to top it all off, it’s wonderfully well-written. I would caution you though… these books should come with the following label:

If you haven’t read any of these books, do yourself a favour and go out and get them. You’ll have the fantastic advantage of not having to wait for the second and third book to be released! And after that you’ll have less than three months to wait for the first instalment of Cassandra Clare’s next series – “Clockwork Angel”. (After that, however, you’ll be joining the rest of the fans in desperate anticipation of the next book…)


205508050 said...

That is so true! I always find when Im reading a good book that i read the first half of the book really quickly and then slow down as i get to the end because I dont want it to end.

The end of a good book is like the death of a beautiful flower that no one has ever seen.