Saturday, August 25, 2012

Character Spotlight: Sam Blaize from J.C. Martin's ORACLE

As part of her Oracle blog tour, J.C. Martin is spotlighting one of her characters here today :-)

Fact file: 

Name: Sam Siobhan Blaize

Age: 30

D.O.B.: August 31st

Likes: Kick-boxing, chocolate, rom-coms (shh … it’s a secret!)

Dislikes: Chauvinism, sexism, the name ‘Samantha’, describing redheads as ‘ginger’

Bio: Detective Sergeant Sam Blaize is more than your typical fiery Irish redhead. Sure, she’s a five-foot-four-inch pocket dynamite, a kick-butt amateur kickboxing champion, and she has a quick temper and doesn’t suffer fools gladly, but behind her fiercely independent front hides a vulnerable woman who still enjoys a cuddle now and again, and who gets soppy watching romantic comedies (but don’t let her know I told you that!). Though there is clear chemistry between Blaize and her partner, Detective Lancer, she is unwilling to start a relationship with a work colleague, especially one who has recently lost his wife. As they work frenetically to catch the murderer in Oracle before the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games, Blaize battles with a personal problem of her own, one she fears could rob her of her womanhood.

~ ~ ~

With London gearing up to host the Olympics, the city doesn't need a serial killer stalking the streets, but they've got one anyway.

Leaving a trail of brutal and bizarre murders, the police force is no closer to finding the latest psychopath than Detective Inspector Kurt Lancer is in finding a solution for his daughter's disability.

Thrust into the pressure cooker of a high profile case, the struggling single parent is wound tight as he tries to balance care of his own family with the safety of a growing population of potential victims.

One of whom could be his own daughter.

Fingers point in every direction as the public relations nightmare grows, and Lancer's only answer comes in the form of a single oak leaf left at each crime scene.

About the Author
J.C. Martin is a butt-kicking bookworm: when she isn’t reading or writing, she teaches martial arts and self-defence to adults and children.

After working in pharmaceutical research, then in education as a schoolteacher, she decided to put the following to good use: one, her 2nd degree black belt in Wing Chun kung fu; and two, her overwhelming need to write dark mysteries and gripping thrillers with a psychological slant.

Her short stories have won various prizes and have been published in several anthologies. Oracle is her first novel.

Born and raised in Malaysia, J.C. now lives in south London with her husband and three dogs.

Contact: Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook


J.C. Martin said...

Thank you so much for having me and Sam over on your blog today Rachel!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You gave Lancer a tough one to deal with.

Kittie Howard said...

It's awesome how J.C. uses her experiences/training/knowledge to enhance her writing. And she's got an amazing CV.

Gwen Gardner said...

I love character spotlights! It's so fun to learn about a characters as if they're real people. And of course, they're very real to us:) Congrats J.C. I'm seeing you all over the blogoverse.

J.C. Martin said...

Alex: You have no idea. ;) Especially in book 2.

Kittie: Thank you. I won't say my CV's amazing, but I do like to write what I know.

Gwen: I'm glad you enjoyed reading about Sam.

Angela Brown said...

Sam Blaize sounds like a heavy-duty firecracker with a soft spot. My kind of character.

Christine Rains said...

Sam sounds like an awesome character! I don't like when I'm referred to as a ginger either. I'm with her on that!

Cally Jackson said...

Sam sounds like a fantastic character. You're rocking the blogosphere, JC! :-)

Miranda Hardy said...

I really need to get this book.

Melissa Sugar said...

I enjoy reading character spotlights. I am close to the end of Oracle and it is amazing. We have officially lost power here in Louisiana and my computer battery will run out soon and then I will be back to her book which promises to be an intriguing night. This will be my first time reading a thriller without the benefit of electricity . It is kind of scary.

Emilyann Girdner said...

Sam sounds as cool as J.C. :)
Thanks for sharing the info. I've been looking through this blog and enjoying so I'm adding you to my list at

:) thanks for the good posts