Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Curse of the Kindle

There are so many things that are awesome about the Kindle, and, to be honest, this "curse" I'm thinking of isn't actually a bad thing...

Here it is: It is so easy to buy ebooks that you will keep accumulating more and more, faster than the rate at which you can read, and you'll never get through your "to be read" list!

Yeah, okay, things could be worse. But it just bugs me that there are all these awesome stories waiting there for me and I haven't yet got to reading them!

Currently, this is the list of ebooks chilling on my Kindle that I've either started and not yet finished, or haven't even started yet:

Blood Faerie ~ India Drummond
Crime Stories ~ J.A. Konrath
Descended by Blood ~ Angeline Kace
Destined ~ Jessie Harrell
Hollowland ~ Amanda Hocking
Little Wild Flower ~ Samantha Jillian Bayarr
Megan's Way ~ Melissa Foster
Origin ~ J.A. Konrath
Ravenmarked ~ Amy Rose Davis
Saving Elizabeth ~ Amy Machelle
Shapeshifters Anonymous ~ J.A. Konrath
The Arrival ~ Nicola MacDonald
The Hating Game ~ Talli Roland

Okay, so the list doesn't look that long now that I write it out, but I do NOT read that fast, and I only get to read at the end of the day just before I fall asleep, and I WANT TO READ THEM ALL NOW!

Do you have this problem? Is your "to be read" list of ebooks on your Kindle/ereader like ten times longer than this and you're laughing at me right now?

~ ~ ~

P.S. Come back on Monday to see the cover reveal for GUARDIAN, the first book in the Creepy Hollow series!

And here's the book trailer if you haven't seen that yet.


erica and christy said...

I was doing a good job of buying one at a time,reading it, then buying another. But I am now up to three unread books on my kindle.... My list of books that I read in 2011 will be posted on Monday! I haven't read any of the ones you posted today! christy

Michael Offutt, Visitor from the Future said...

I use goodreads as a filter for my TBR list. I only download a book when I'm ready and I look to the TBR list to choose.

Christine Murray said...

I just got a Kindle, and I completely agree with you. Because I don't physically carry books out of a shop, I forget how many I've bought.

You're right though - there are worse complaints!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I have over a dozen waiting for me - probably more. I usually download a book onto my iPad the moment I see it, especially if it's a blogger buddy's book.
And I read one Konrath book last year but didn't enjoy it at all. Guess his books just aren't for me.

Mary Mary said...

I limit myself. I like to be able to get to a book as soon as I can, so even though there are so many out there I want to read, I don't buy or check one out until I'm ready to read it.

But, I see your point!

NiaRaie said...

I have a NOOK, but YES books are accumulating and my regular book TBR pile is kind of steep. It's so easy to just hit "Buy" on the e-reader tho. It really might be a curse.

Christine Rains said...

My TBR list grows faster than I can keep up with it. I keep telling myself not to add any more books, but then I see something new I want.

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

I have over 250 items in my "To Be Read" Collection. Most of those are samples I haven't had a chance to read yet (I'll decide if I want to buy them after checking them out.) It doesn't help getting books at random times from the library either.

Anonymous said...

I totally have this problem... my kindle is getting full and I'm not getting closer to finishing all those books. Goodreads is getting full with all my 'to read' books too:) Though this year I promised myself to not buy any new books - I can only read what I have or I get given or win... So far, I've stuck to that rule:)

Talli Roland said...

Yay for Kindle! :) And I'm thrilled to be on the list. Also, India's book rocks!

Trisha said...

I do a good enough job accumulating physical books I then take ages to read. haha. I'd probably be in seeeeerious trouble with a Kindle.

Brooke R. Busse said...

My copy of The Hating Game should be here sometime before the end of January. It feels like I've been waiting for it forever.

Currently, I own 163 (166 actually with the three books I bought yesterday) unread books. 29 of them I can't read yet because they are subsequent in a series to which I haven't read the previous books and about 23 (26?) of my whole collection I can't remember if I've read or not...

Gina Blechman said...

I have to buy a kindle! I keep debating it. I think I really just need sometime to sit down with me and slowly list all of the things that are awesome about it so that I can convince myself to spend the money, lol. However, I have similar problem with InterLibrary Loan. Since I don't have the money to by all of the dozen books I read a month, I often overload and order a bunch of them on interlibrary loan, and then find them coming in far faster than I can read. Oh yes, it's a hard life for us readers. :-)

<3 Gina Blechman

J.L. Campbell said...

Hi, Rachel,

Boy do I know what you're talking about. I've got about 50 books and haven't read half of those yet.

Sarah Pearson said...

I'm not in a position to be buying books at the moment so I only have free books (Or ones that were very cheap, on offer, that I've sneaked in). Yet, I still have a great long list of books that I haven't read yet on my kindle app.

LTM said...

omg. YES. :p