Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vampire Diaries Appreciation

(Alternatively titled "Ian Somerhalder Appreciation")

Since the Great Blogging Experiment was so fantastic yesterday and I really can't think of anything useful to post right now (and I haven't finished reading Firelight yet) I am taking the opportunity to have a Vampire Diaries Appreciation Moment (or several moments, rather...)

I wasn't very impressed when I first started watching this show. My reaction was somewhere along the lines of "Great. Twilight rip-off on the small screen... Yawn..." But I gave it a chance and it ended up getting better. And then better! So that by the time the final few episodes came around I was desperate not to miss any!

Damon Salvatore (played by Ian Somerhalder) had a LOT to do with that! Why, why, why is it always the bad boys who are so darn attractive?! I find that he has only one flaw (well, he has many of course, being the bad boy and everything, but aside from that...): His eyebrow-raising habit. That kinda got to me after a while. But you know what? I think I can overlook it!

So. Let's be honest. You just wanna look at the pictures, right? Yeah. Me too.

Oh so HOT HOT!

Oh, the gorgeousness...
Oh, the smouldering gaze...

Stefan perfects the brooding look...

One word: YUMMY.

"being dead is so in right now"


Faith said...

Haha... I thought the same thing when I started watching. But then it got better and better, and now both my husband AND I can't miss an episode.

The quality of writing & acting in this show is incredible. It surprises me every week, and I'm so glad I kept watching past those first few episodes.

Plus, umm... eye candy, much?!?! :D

Jamie said...

I read the books and loved them, so I was super-excited when I heard this show was coming and I haven't been disappointed! Damon is so delicious! But then again, ALL the guys on this show are yummy!

Rachel Morgan said...

My boyfriend also ended up getting pretty excited about this series! Which is great, cos it's horrible to sit there watching your fav program with someone sighing impatiently next to you muttering things like "Can we watch Top Gear already?".

Nicole Zoltack said...

I love this show! I'm trying to get hubby to watch, he likes vampire movies so I think he'll enjoy the series too. And definitely Damon over Stefan.