Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Parcel in the Post - Firelight!!

One of the most exciting things that can happen, on a normal, mundane day, is getting a parcel in the post!

You see, living in a part of the world where people DON'T feel the need to appreciate YA Fantasy on the day it comes out, I generally have to wait a little longer than some to read the next highly anticipated book. So, while everyone else was getting their desperate fingers onto a copy of Firelight the day it was released, I was getting my desperate fingers onto a computer keyboard to order mine from my Favourite Online Provider of Books (which sometimes lies about when it will have certain items - resulting in intense frustration and disappointment on my part...)

So in the post today was FIRELIGHT!!!

Isn't it pretty?
Doesn't is just scream, "READ ME!!"?

It really sucks (like really, really sucks) that I have third quarter exams to mark right now...



Rachael Harrie said...

I haven't read that one either. Love the cover. Can't wait to hear all about it!!! :)

Quinn said...

The only reason I got to read FIRELIGHT when it came out was because I ordered it on my Kindle. There's no other way to get it. No one ships here and Korea gets it when they get it. But I love the cover of this book and wish I could have my own copy to put on my shelf. Enjoy reading!