Friday, August 27, 2010

Things my mother taught me about dieting

  • If you eat while standing it doesn't count (like those three pieces of chocolate you quickly swiped out of the cupboard as you walked through the kitchen).
  • If you eat out of a mug it doesn't count (a few spoonfuls of last night's chocolate pudding fit nicely into the bottom of a mug).
  • If you cut smaller pieces then you get to eat more pieces (this applies particularly to cakes).
  • If you eat it before it's baked it doesn't count (like the five cookies' worth of batter you pinched while you were spooning the mixture onto the baking tray).

Thanks, Mum! Did I leave anything out? 


Sally said...

You forgot the most important one - if you shake the chocolate bar it has had all the calories shaken out of it.

Rachel Morgan said...

And apparently if you SHARE the chocolate bar the calories don't count either!