Thursday, January 2, 2014

THE LABYRINTH WALL Release Party - Monsters, a Free Book, and a Puzzle!

Welcome to The Labyrinth Wall Monster Party! The monster party blog fest is a celebration of The Labyrinth Wall book release, which is available now. So to join in the fun… The Labyrinth Wall author, Emilyann, has invited participants to post about a monster, share The Labyrinth Wall release information and jump around to read about everyone else’s monsters. Join the party by hopping around to check out the monsters, and have a blast!

My Monster...

I haven't spent much of my life thinking about monsters (the only monsters that entered my nightmares as a child were snakes and monkeys!), so the first thing that came to mind when I thought "labyrinth" and "monster" was the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Harry had to navigate his way through a maze in order to get to the Triwizard Cup, and blocking his way was a Sphinx. The Sphinx is an Egyptian mythical creature that has the head of a human and the body of a lion. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry had to correctly answer a riddle the Sphinx gave him in order to continue safely.

Source: Wikipedia

Aaaaanyhoo, without further delay, let’s kick off this book launch and learn more about The Labyrinth Wall

The Labyrinth Wall 
(Obsidian Series, Book1)

This is the tale of a young woman who discovers that although labyrinth walls confine her and her enemies try to repress her, the power of hope can set her free…

The Labyrinth Wall:
Young Adult Fantasy Novel
By: Emilyann Girdner

FREE Amazon Download (New Year Special begins Jan 2nd)

Ebook: Now on Amazon
Paperback: Delays on physical copies. Look for them later in January from B&N and Amazon

Readers have said:

"A fascinating tale of adventure, danger and self discovery. You will not want to put this one down as you are drawn into the quest for something as unknown and distant as a reoccurring, puzzling and incomprehensible dream."

"The Author created a very in depth world that left me even more curious about it."

Fun Fact:
(There are varying excerpts and facts to be found at sites participating in this event)

The Author talks about some off characters in the book…

“As much as I do root for and like the protagonist in this book, I really enjoyed a couple of her enemies too. It’s probably not a good sign for me to like villains, but I sometimes do. In particular, I like Rase, because she’s stuck with Araina, but they are opposites and drive each other crazy. Mysterious and surprising draw me in, and she has those qualities. Also Sir Riddles is terrible. I’d never want to meet him in real life, and yet he is a favorite too. He’s just cryptic, creepy and odd; the kind of character I can’t ever stop thinking about.”

The Labyrinth Wall Puzzle
And for any puzzle fans out there, here’s an extra Labyrinth Wall treat…

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Emilyann Girdner said...

Hey there Rachel. Thank you so much for helping out with this event. I loved what you did the the monster party font... it's awesome! And good pick for a monster, too! The Sphinx is so interesting to me. I love the riddle concept and it's funny mention all that, because there is a very subtle reference to this story in The Labyrinth Wall. Way cool. Again, thank you so much =)

Sheena-kay Graham said...

You forgot about the giant spiders in the third book Rachel. Labyrinth has been getting a lot of online exposure and sounds like a good book.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

I don;t know that I was plagued by monsters as a kid either. I do remember a summer where several Manson family members supposedly escaped from jail and that gave me nightmares.

Best of luck on the book launch!

Michelle Wallace said...

Popping in to wish you a happy, peaceful and productive 2014, Rachel!
Take care.
(We never did get to meet...? I think it was my fault... *sighs* maybe this year sometime...)
Writer In Transit

Rhonda Albom said...

I used to have nightmares about snakes as a kid too. Not so much anymore now that I live in a country that doesn't have any snakes. I also mentioned the Labyrinth in the Goblet of Fire.

Emilyann Girdner said...

Sheena - The giant spiders? EEek, they're scary. They always make me jump on the ride at universal.

Elizabeth - I'm glad you didn't have too many nightmares. Mine were pretty bad, but that probably had to do with the movies I probably shouldn't have been watching. And thanks about the launch =)

Rhonda - I wonder if that's a pretty common nightmare for children. It would be an interesting thing to look up sometime.

SA Larsenッ said...

Great blogfest! Got to love a good monster. Congrats to Emilyann. I'll take a jaunt over to her place. The trailer is so interesting. Thanks for sharing it!

erica and christy said...

Fun blogfest! I am loving how authors come up with creative ways to have fun marketing books! You all amaze me. Congrats Emilyann! Christy